The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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TOWER OF LONDON (1939) ** ½

This isn’t really a horror movie as it’s more or less a remake of Richard III. Basil Rathbone stars as the vengeful hunchbacked Richard, Duke of Gloucester who keeps a doll house full of effigies of his enemies and murders his way to the throne of England. Boris Karloff co-stars as the bald ominous club footed Mord, the king’s main executioner who helps Richard in his scheme. Vincent Price plays the fey Duke of Clarence who in the film’s best scene plays a drinking game with Rathbone that culminates in Price being drowned in a vat of wine.

The torture scenes albeit brief are effective, and the impressive rain soaked battle sequences are pretty exciting as well. The performances are great, but it’s not as much fun as Universal’s horror flicks that were being made at that time. Leo G. Carroll also co-stars. Director Rowland V. Lee also directed Rathbone and Karloff in Son of Frankenstein the same year. Price later played the Richard role in the 1962 Roger Corman directed remake.
Tags: drama, karloff, t, vincent price
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