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TRANSPORTER 2 (2005) ****

Transporter 2 is the most ludicrous, implausible, ridiculous action movie since Cobra. Therefore, it’s highly recommended! The first film was a solid action movie that rose and fell from its action sequences. This film is all action sequences. It’s never boring and it’s (unintentionally) funnier than most comedies you’ll see this year.

Jason (Ghosts of Mars) Statham returns as Frank Martin, a professional driver who's hired to chauffeur the child of a politician (Matthew Modine). While taking him to the doctor, the child is kidnapped by the sexy as hell assassin, played by my future ex-wife Kate Nauta who dresses in a nurse’s outfit and wears see though lingerie. Frank is blamed for the kidnapping and has… fuck it who cares about the plot, let’s get to the action.

This movie has more action scenes that’ll make you doubt your sanity since Death Wish V. Besides the doctor office massacre, there’s a scene where Frank’s car jumps from one parking garage to another. There’s also a scene where Frank commandeers a jet ski, jumps off a ramp, goes onto a major highway and jumps onto a moving bus. In another, Franks jumps out a window, lands on a taxi, rolls onto the street, where he avoids being run over by two colliding cars by jumping onto the cars’ hoods. Then there’s a part where Frank fights dozens of guys with a fire hose, wraps them up in the hose, and then turns the hose on, which makes them bounce around like human pinballs. In the finale, Frank battles the main baddie on a plane hurtling toward the ocean and they continue fighting as the cabin rotates around them.

But the all time greatest action sequence occurs halfway through the movie, when Frank finds out there’s tiny bomb planted on the bottom of his car. His method of removing the bomb is pure genius. To get rid of it, Frank drives off a ramp and spirals the car upside down near a crane. The hook on the crane knocks the bomb off and explodes while Frank turns the car back over on four wheels and casually speeds away. Awesome! You have to see it to believe it.

This movie is tons of dumb fun. Statham is great and it’s good to seen Modine back on the big screen again. And hey, did I mention that Nauta is hot as hell? Co-starring Amber (Duplex) Valetta, Keith (They Live) David, and Jason (Bruiser) Flemyng. Writers Luc (The Fifth Element) Besson and Robert Mark (The Karate Kid) Kamen also wrote the original as well as Unleashed, which was also directed by Louis Leterrier. Statham and Flemyng were also in Snatch together.
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