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TRICK OR TREAT (1986) ***

Ah yes, the 80’s. Remember all those days you wasted listening to White Lion, Whitesnake, Great White and a myriad other heavy metal bands with the word “White” in their name? Watching this movie will be like a trip down memory lane for you then.

Marc (Skippy from Family Ties) Price stars as Eddie, a young metalhead who’s obsessed with rocker Sammi Curr. When Sammi dies, a DJ played by Gene Simmons (always scarier without the KISS make-up) gives Eddie Sammi’s last recording. Eddie plays the record backwards and finds hidden messages and soon learns he can use the record to communicate with Sammi’s spirit. Of course Sammi wants revenge and soon enough we got his pizza faced mug coming out of stereos and singing some thoroughly mediocre hair band metal while his guitar shoots electricity at people which causes them to spontaneously combust. There’s also a slimy monster that rapes a sexy student just because.

They don’t make ‘em like they used to.

The flick suffers from having one climax too many, but any movie in which its villain gets flushed down the toilet is a good movie. Curr makes for an interesting villain and fortunately doesn’t get any crappy Freddy Kruger style wisecracks. Ozzy Osbourne cameos as a priest who condemns rock n’ roll on TV and Match Game staple Elaine Joyce co-stars as Price’s mom. Actor Charles Martin Smith made his directing debut with this film and also plays a teacher. Director of the Willard remake Glen Morgan also has a small role (his first and only).
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