The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BE COOL (2005) ***

In this belated sequel to Get Shorty, Chilli Palmer (John Travolta) gives up the movie business to break in a new singer (Christina Millian) onto the music scene.  He has to deal with the Russian Mob, greedy record producers (Harvey Keitel and Cedric The Entertainer), and a yo boy manager (Vince Vaughn in his 25th movie this month).  There are way too many characters and way too little plot, but with this cast, who cares?  Uma Thurman dances with Travolta just like she did in Pulp Fiction (which also featured Keitel) and Danny DeVito shows up long enough to remind you this is a Get Shorty sequel.  Of the large ensemble cast, The Rock comes off best as Vaughn’s gay bodyguard and aspiring actor.  Seeing him performing a scene from Bring It On is worth the price of admission.  Director F. Gary (The Italian Job) Gray is good at throwing in funny in jokes but not at streamlining a rambling story.  Keitel was also in Get Shorty but in a different role (as himself).  With funny cameos by James Woods, Seth Green and Steven Tyler.  Based on the Elmore Leonard novel.

Tags: action, b, comedy, john travolta, sequel


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