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TURK 182! (1985) ****

Director Bob Clark has had a long, interesting, and varied career. In the 70’s he made some of the best horror films of that era including Deathdream and Black Christmas. In the 80’s he practically invented the teen sex comedy with Porky’s 1 and 2. Right afterwards he directed the holiday classic A Christmas Story, for which he’s probably best known for. However his other movies from that era including Rhinestone and this fun flick are pretty great and deserve a second look. (He also did the universally reviled Baby Geniues, but we won’t hold that against him though.)

Timothy Hutton stars in one of his best performances as Jimmy Lynch. When his brother Terry (Robert Urich of Ice Pirates fame), an off duty firefighter is injured when he rescues a child from a fire, the mayor (The Greatest American Hero’s Robert Culp) denies him his pension because he was drunk at the time of the incident. To get back at the mayor, Jimmy starts an elaborate graffiti campaign using his brother’s badge number, Turk 182 as his calling card. Along the way he becomes a Robin Hood style folk hero and falls in love with a social worker played by Kim Cattrall (also in Clark’s Porky’s).

While the finale is kind of protracted, the rest of the film is entertaining and Hutton (as well as the fine supporting cast which includes Darren McGavin, Peter Boyle, James Tolkan and Paul Sorvino, playing himself) is excellent. Clark did From the Hip next.
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