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2000 MANIACS (1964) ****

H.G. Lewis’ follow-up to Blood Feast will have too much bad acting, irritating country music and be too long for most people to handle, but I don’t care, I LOVE IT! It features some of the best death scenes ever captured on celluloid.

It’s kinda like a demented version of Brigadoon. A southern town named Pleasant Valley that was wiped out by Union soldiers during the Civil War comes back 100 years later. They trick some Yankee tourists into coming to town and make them guests of honor at their Centennial Celebration. Of course, the townsfolk just want revenge and the Yanks die terrible deaths at the hands of the shithouse crazy southern fried psychos. Thumbs are cut off, arms are hacked off, a guy is torn apart by horses and a girl gets squished underneath a giant rock. My favorite scene is when a guy gets forced into a barrel that gets spikes driven into it and rolled down a hill.

Starring Blood Feast’s Connie Mason and Thomas Wood, and co-starring the amazing Jeffrey (The Year of the Yahoo!) Allen. Lewis also wrote the kickass theme song, “The South’s Gonna Rise Again!” Followed four decades later by 2001 Maniacs.
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