The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

2001 MANIACS (2005) ***

Producer Eli (Hostel) Roth and director Tim Sullivan brought us this remake/sequel to H.G. Lewis’ classic 1964 masterpiece 2000 Maniacs. Both flicks feature a Southern town that was wiped out by the North during the Civil War and whose ghosts come back to roast, dismember and kill those pesky Yankees. This version has some pretty gory moments and includes deaths by cotton gin, acid moonshine and in the coolest scene; a gay guy gets a red hot poker shoved up his ass. It’s pretty entertaining but it lacks the charm of the original. Robert Englund, who takes the acting honors as the mayor, Lin (There’s Something About Mary) Shayne and Giuseppe (Cabin Fever) Andrews are the cannibalistic Confederates. Kane Hodder has a cameo, which makes this the first time that Freddy and (the real Jason) are in the same movie. Roth even reprises his role from Cabin Fever. All in all, good gory fun.
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