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Since The Wolf Man was a big hit for Universal, 20th Century Fox followed the next year with this low budget imitator. This knockoff even has a poem about the monster, just like in The Wolf Man! “When stars are bright on a frosty night, beware thy bane in the rocky lane.” Ain’t exactly Molly Hatchet is it? The paper thin plot has “The Hammond Curse” affecting a British family that causes John Hammond to become a werewolf. It’s got atmosphere to spare but after an initially interesting set-up things bog down considerably and the film becomes a boring whodunit. The stuffy British cast is no match for Lon Chaney, Jr. and the monster only shows up at the last minute. There is a good transformation scene as well but it’s too little too late. Hey I got a werewolf rhyme for you: “Beware the title lies, because in the end the monster dies, there may be a wolf out in the fog, but the movie he’s in happens to be a dog.”
Tags: horror, u, werewolf
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