The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

UNTAMED YOUTH (1957) ***

Sexpot Mamie Van Doren and her sister Lori (Revenge of the Creature) Nelson get busted by the small town fuzz for skinny dipping. They get brought before a crooked female judge who sentences them to hard labor picking cotton. The judge has the hots for the plantation owner, named Tropp, and sends him cheap labor criminals in exchange for good loving. Tropp makes extra money by blackmailing farmers, gypping the girls out of their pay, and putting dog food in the beef stew! Mamie just wants to sing and dance and make it in L.A. (and belts out some lively musical numbers). When a pregnant worker dies in the fields from exposure, the judge’s son exposes the working conditions to his mama. He also falls in love with Nelson. In the end, Mamie gets to strut her stuff on TV singing a calypso song and Eddie Cochran sings “You Ain’t Gonna Make a Cotton Picker Outta Me” while working in the fields. It’s one of the better 50’s Juvenile Delinquent flicks, thanks to some catchy songs and Mamie’s bust.
Tags: mst3k, musical, u
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