The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

VELVET SMOOTH (1976) ***

In this entertaining low budget blaxploitation flick, Velvet Smooth (Johnnie Hill), a sexy female detective with a big afro teams up with a ponytailed crime boss named King to stop his right hand man from taking over his numbers racket. Velvet calls in two of her gorgeous colleagues to help out and fight off dozens of masked men. There's a lot of sloppily choreographed fight scenes (the best takes place in a pool hall) that are nonetheless energetic and fun to watch. In the climatic fight between King and a dirty cop, King lets out a funny scream that's repeated several times for maximum hilarity. Hill is very good and there's a pretty cool score too. Best line of dialogue: "This woman is tough and this woman is mean, when she's on the case she's like a machine!" Director Michael Fink also did Black Force the previous year.
Tags: action, blaxploitation, v
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