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In the cool opening scene, a couple takes to graverobbing just to make ends meet. They enter a crypt and someone locks them in and brings a dead woman back to life who kills the couple and runs free through the cemetery. Paul (Tomb of the Werewolf) Naschy (AKA: Jacinto Molina) stars as an Indian mystic named Krishna. When a woman named Elvira (Rommy) has terrible dreams (the coolest involves a blue faced Naschy with goat horns holding a black mass) she goes to stay with Krishna for guidance. Meanwhile a masked murderer is running around killing people and using voodoo to make the dead rise too. He also controls a bunch of grinning zombie chicks who do his bidding. The killer is later revealed to be Krishna’s disfigured twin brother (also Naschy).

It’s all kinda confusing, but it’s entertaining and features a fair amount of blood and tits and has a pretty snappy score too. A pretty convincing decapitated head is the gore highlight. There’s way too much slo mo though. Oh yeah and a chicken gets its head cut off too. Naschy (who kinda looks a little like John Belushi) also wrote the screenplay.
Tags: horror, v, zombie
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