The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum


This too many years to late, extended reunion episode of the delightfully tacky 60’s series is way too schmaltzy for its own good. Mike and Carol Brady gather the now fully grown Brady clan together for a good old fashioned family Christmas. For awhile its fun to watch in a “Where are they now?” kind of way, but sadly the kitschy charm of the original show is replaced with typical Yuletide schmaltz that will have you reaching for the eggnog. The ending, where Mike is trapped in a caved in building and is rescued while the Bradys sing Christmas carols has been known to be one of the major causes of seasonal depression. All the original cast members are on hand, except for little Cindy Brady (Susan Olsen) the only original cast member who obviously had a better way to spend Christmas.
Tags: based on a tv show, drama, v, xmas
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