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A German aristocrat (Georges Riviere) takes his new bride (Rossana Podesta) to live in his ancestral castle, complete with a medieval torture dungeon in the basement. A hooded killer known as “The Punisher” (no not Thomas Jane) stalks the grounds and tortures the servants. His preferred method is “The Virgin”, an iron maiden in the form of the Virgin Mary. The best scene is when he puts a caged rat on a woman’s head and it bites her nose off. The Punisher turns out to be Riviere’s father, a general who was turned into “a living skeleton” by Hitler’s surgeons. He looks pretty cool (like Nosferatu meets Jason), but he really isn’t that scary or menacing (especially during his last minute anti-war speech). Christopher Lee co-stars as Eric, a scarred servant. While the film is atmospheric, the cinematography is great and the Riz Ortolani score is snappy, the pacing is sluggish, the two leads are boring and the deaths are bloodless. Italian exploitation workhorse Anthony M. Dawson (AKA: Antonio Margheriti) directed.

AKA: Horror Castle. AKA: Terror Castle.
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