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VIRUS (1980) **

This was Japan’s attempt at an all star big budget disaster film. (George Kennedy is even in it for Christ’s sake!) It was a big flop and it went straight to cable in the US. When a plane carrying a lethal airborne virus crashes, it spreads a deadly plague throughout the world. When the President (Glenn Ford) and his cabinet members bite the dust, surviving crazy general (Henry Silva) takes control of America and enforces a nuclear missile defense system. The virus pretty much wipes everyone on the planet, but since it can’t survive in the cold, a large research team in Antarctica survives and starts a new society. Since there are only 8 women and 855 men, George Kennedy orders his people to start copulating. “Women have become our most valuable natural resource. One to one relationships are no longer possible. Each woman, however reluctantly will have to accommodate more than one man.” Wow. This means we get to see Olivia Hussey get it on with a lucky sailor boy during a Christmas raffle. When an earthquake is predicted in Washington D.C. (HUH!?!) that will potentially set off a nuclear weapon strike, the Antarcticans draw straws to decide who will head to Washington to disarm it. Of course they fuck it up and nuclear missiles blanket the globe. Talk about your happy endings!

Director Kinji (The Green Slime) Fukasaku throws a bunch of big names into some of the bleakest predicaments you’ve ever seen and keeps right on chugging. The supporting cast (including Robert Vaughn, Chuck Connors, Bo Svenson, Edward James Olmos, Nicholas Campbell and Sonny Chiba) are good, but damn if you won’t be depressed by the time the movie’s over. Unless you’re a die hard 70’s disaster fan, the only thing that’ll keep your interest, is the screwing for survival subplot. The original Japanese version runs 40 minutes longer.
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