The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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“They have known every pleasure, but the touch of a man’s hand!” A group of leather clad virgins on motorcycles want revenge on “Mr. Tiger” a crime boss who killed their parents. He’s created a powerful drug, and wants to corner “the worldwide aphrodisiac market”. When the gang fails their mission and gets captured, Mr. Tiger throws them into his underground dungeon where they are raped and tortured with barb wire, whips and rodents. One girl is even put on a spit and is cooked alive! Some of the girls escape and are attacked by leeches and a crocodile in the swamps. In the film’s coolest scene, a kung fu fighting doctor also being held by Mr. Tiger escapes by blowing up one guard with gunpowder and injecting another with acid, which melts him from the inside out! In the action packed finale, the escapees return to rescue the remaining girls and there are lots of explosions. There are some pretty funny low tech shootouts including a hilarious stunt where a motorcycle flies through the air on visible wires. There’s no nudity, but a lot of general nuttiness. It’s entertaining, but it’s all kinda numbing too. Some of the music sounds like it was stolen from Dune.
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