The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

WAITING (2006) ** ½

Seeing as this review is coming from someone who has spent the better part of his life waiting on people for a living, this movie is less a comedy and more of a documentary. I couldn’t really say it was a bad movie, but I can’t say I enjoyed it because it actually made me feel that I was actually working and putting up with annoying customers. The whole movie is basically like a less funny version of Clerks (or maybe Office Space) but set in a restaurant. Ryan (Blade: Trinity) Reynolds stars and takes the acting honors as Monty, the smart ass know-it-all with a predilection for underage girls. The impressive supporting cast (including Anna Faris, Justin Long, Luis Guzman, Chi McBride, Dane Cook and Andy Milonakis) are all good, but all of them are pretty thinly sketched and never really become believable characters.
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