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This was the first Japanese sci-fi flick in color. It’s okay, but it does feature some of the lamest aliens you’ve ever seen. A race of Starfish People comes to Earth to stop us silly humans from messing around with A Bombs. They interrupt fishermen, families eating dinner and Marilyn Monroe style dance numbers. Since the Starfish’s appearance frightens the Earthlings, one of them (named Number One) takes a human female form and goes to Earth. Nobody really notices even when she jumps ten feet in the air while playing tennis or when she walks through walls. Eventually the Earth listens to her and they try to work together to avoid colliding with an incoming planet. As with most middle of the road Japanese sci-fi monster movies, the scenes involving actual humans pale in comparison next to the ones with funny man in suit monsters. While the hopelessly hokey Starfish People are good for a few laughs, there’s really little else to recommend about the movie. The scenes of the Starfish People standing in a semi-circle while discussing the fate of the Earth ARE hilarious though, and their dialogue (“I bow to your logic.”) is pretty priceless too.
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