The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BEST DEFENSE (1984) ** ½

Dudley Moore stars as a weapons designer for the military, who’s about to be fired.  He meets another designer (Tom Noonan) who accidentally gives him plans for a new weapon.  Moore says it’s his invention and is promoted, but when Noonan ends up dead, the spies come after Moore.  “Strategic Guest Star” Eddie Murphy hangs around long enough to test drive a tank and start a war between Iraq and Kuwait (how prophetic!)  It’s pretty funny, but the similarly themed Deal of the Century is better.  With Kate Capshaw, who whistles the Indiana Jones theme (Director Willard Huyck also wrote Temple of Doom), George Dzundza, Helen Shaver and David (Sledgehammer) Rasche.  Huyck did Howard the Duck next. 

Tags: action, b, comedy

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