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Here’s further proof that Italians don’t know dick when it comes to making sci-fi movies. This snoozer shamelessly rips off 2001, Star Trek and Star Wars. The dime store costumes and 4th grader level special effects are good for a laugh or two, but quickly grow tiresome.

The indecipherable plot has something to do with a super computer appropriately named WIZZ locating some sort of asteroid on a collision course with Earth, or something like that. The astronauts in funny costumes land on the asteroid, where they encounter a race of gray skinned people with pointy ears and are menaced by a hulking red eyed robot. In the end, they meet a large evil robot who resembles one of those giant slot machines you seen on the Vegas strip. You half expect its head to light up with the word “JACKPOT” when it gets blown up. Since this is an Italian movie, it inexplicably turns into a zombie movie during the last nine minutes of the movie.

The only way to enjoy this flick is if you take a shot every time someone says “WIZZ”. There’s also a pretty funny scene in which a couple get in a virtual sex machine that only has two settings, “Violent” and “Gentle”! Oddly enough the sequel, War of the Robots is even worse!

AKA: Cosmos: War of the Planets.
Tags: sci-fi, w, zombie
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