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When some asshole doctors (“Men are shot up to the moon today and people still believe in stupid old tales!”) foolishly revive the body of werewolf Waldemar Daninsky (Paul Naschy) they get brutally murdered for their stupidity. Soon Waldemar sets up shop at his castle home where two college student Eurohotties show up to stay for the weekend and are confronted by Waldemar’s nutzo sister. When the dumb broads accidentally resurrect an ancient vampiric vixen (in a scene directly ripped off from Black Sunday), she rises from her tomb looking for some nubile necks to nosh on. In the end, Waldemar goes mano y wolfmano with the evil vampire chick and there’s some pretty cool transformation scenes both of Waldemar turning into a wolf and the vampire woman melting.

Naschy also co-wrote the script and is responsible for some truly terrible dialogue. The best line comes when an idiotic numbskull is warned about the evil vampire goddess and says, “I’ve seen all the James Bond movies so I know all the tricks.” This was the 5th of Naschy’s interchangeable wolfman movies. It’s better than most in the series but that’s not a glowing compliment. There’s still some dumb, badly-dubbed-crepe-hair-monster silliness to be enjoyed, though the overuse of slow motion is a bit much at times.

AKA: Blood Moon. AKA: Shadow of the Werewolf.
Tags: horror, vampires, w, werewolf
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