The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

WILD GUITAR (1962) **

If you’re an Arch Hall, Jr. or Ray Dennis Steckler fan, have I got a movie for you! Hall stars as Bud Eagle, a naïve (okay, stupid) country bumpkin who gets a recording contract and is exploited by an unscrupulous promoter (Arch Hall, Sr.). He almost loses his best gal and masterminds his own kidnapping to get out of the limelight. All the usual rags to riches clichés are used. If you’re a Steckler completist (like me) you have to check it out. Not only does he direct this one, he also co-stars (under his usual pseudonym Cash Flagg) as “Steak”, Hall’s bodyguard. Hall also sings his tender love ballad (Excuse me for falling in the floor in a fit of laughter after typing Hall and “tender love ballad” in the same sentence.) “I Love You Vicki”, which he also sang in Eegah! Mystery Science Theater 3000 deemed this too bad to make fun of, but you’ll have fun with it.
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