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Ted V. (Mars Needs Women) Mikels produced this horror/comedy about Herman Ungar (writer/director Herb Robins) a clubfooted country cuckoo who collects worms. When a big time developer wants to bulldoze his land and put up a shopping center, Ungar gets back at the townsfolk by putting worms in their food. Worms turn up in birthday cakes, spaghetti Twinkies, hot dogs and of course tequila. The acting is amateurishly awful, but there is a catchy theme song, (“Nobody likes me/everybody hates me/Guess I’ll go eat worms!”) The sight of people gratuitously shoving worms into their mouths gets old real fast. Don’t try to think too hard about the subplot involving half man/half worm creatures who demand to have female mates. It will only hurt. Robins was also in Ray Dennis Steckler’s The Thrill Killers.
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