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Five years after the legendary bomb Heaven’s Gate, director Michael Cimino returned with this solid crime drama based on Robert Daley’s novel. Mickey Rourke stars as a Nam vet cop who wages a one man war against the Triad gangs of Chinatown. He also romances news reporter Ariane and goes toe to toe with crime boss John (The Shadow) Lone. Rourke is excellent and delivers some great monologues but is way too young to be a Nam vet. (And his “grey hair” changes from scene to scene.) It’s too long, but there are some great bloody shootouts and exciting action sequences to keep you entertained. All of the outdoor Chinatown scenes were actually meticulously reconstructed sets. Co-stars Victor Wong and Dennis Dun were also in Big Trouble in Little China the next year. This was one of the last scripts Oliver Stone wrote for another director before earning acclaim as a director himself. Cimino did another flop, The Sicilian next.
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