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You probably know that H.G. Lewis made many gory horror movies, but he also made kids movies and hillbilly movies too. This is one of the latter. It’s also the worst Lewis movie I’ve seen (so far).

Claude King stars as Hank Jackson, a well liked country star who is coerced into running for Senate. His advisors stage riots and have scripted incidents to try to “sell” Jackson to the public. Jackson gets caught up in the media hoopla and his fiancée runs out on him. She gets raped and Jackson draws the line when his team tries to turn the incident into votes. He starts doing things his way and loses the election, but wins back his girl.

This incredible dated and boring movie will drive you bugshit. If seeing King sing country music, hippies protesting, and people sitting in rooms discussing politics endlessly is your idea of entertainment, go for it. All others beware. If you do watch it, make sure to keep clear of sharp objects during viewing, because you may feel the need to claw your eyes out. The only reason I’m giving this a half of a star is for the scene where the main advisor has sex with a hot blond then tells her, “That was worse than riding a horse!” Lewis also wrote the god awful songs under his usual pseudonym Sheldon Seymour. Co-starring Lewis regulars Ray (Wizard of Gore) Sager and Jeffrey (2000 Maniacs) Allen.
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