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I’ve always been a big fan of B movie actor John (Enter the Dragon) Saxon, but never knew that he DIRECTED! He also has a supporting role in this batshit insane movie that’s a cut and paste of FOUR movie genres. First off, it’s a gangster movie in which Dennis Cole gets framed for murder by Mob boss Tony Franciosa. Cole gets sent to prison where the movie becomes a death row prison flick. Things get a little weird when Saxon starts doing mad doctor type experiments on the inmates (Genre #3: The Mad Doctor Movie). Finally the drugs Saxon gave them turns all the inmates into zombies, which turns the movie into a zombie flick! Michael (Rocky IV) Pataki and Ron (Superfly) O’Neal co-star. It’s bad, but it’s not boring. Besides, any movie that ends with The Dead Kennedys singing Chemical Warfare is okay by me. Fred Olen (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers) Ray was an advisor and arranged for the DVD release.

AKA: Death House.
Tags: horror, z, zombie
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