The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE ABDUCTORS (1971) *** ½

Cheri Caffaro stars in her second film as Ginger, the sexy female answer to James Bond.  This time she’s after some white slavers that kidnap cheerleaders.  She falls in love with a guy and when she finds out he works for the slavers, she tortures him in the shower.  Some of the girls don’t seem to mind the slave life, but Ginger rescues them anyway.  She also has a looooong scene where she shakes her maracas (literally).  The Abductors is even better than the original Ginger movie and has lots of cool split screen scenes.  It’s also got copious amounts of nudity, making it a top notch drive-in flick.  Caffaro yet again is tough and sexy; she returned two years later for the final Ginger movie, Girls Are for Loving.  Again written and directed by Caffaro’s hubby Don Schain.  Co-star Jeramie Rain was also in Last House on the Left.

Tags: a, action, exploitation

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