The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BIZARRE (1969) ***

It would be too easy to say that this movie lives up to it’s title, but boy does it ever!  It’s an anthology horror/sex/comedy narrated by a mummy!  ‘Nuff said.  After a Far East prologue, the mummy (writer Elliot Stein) takes us on a journey of the “war of the sexes”.  First he shows us a cornucopia of naked women and men and asks us the audience if we can “imagine making love to them all”, then the vignettes begin.  In the first, a female S & M photographer literally tortures her male subject to death.  In the second an elderly man wants a male heir at any cost.  The third features a female cat burglar who uses sex to get out of being caught.  In the next, best and funniest, a female spy (who watches a silent black and white sex movie) has to seduce a military attaché.  The fifth features Stein (without bandages) who pays a prostitute to have sex with his pet lizard.  In the final and least satisfying segment an old lady traps people’s souls and puts them into flowers in her greenhouse.  It’s uneven and runs out of steam near the end but Bizarre features enough nutty imagery to keep you entertained and is sure to leave you with a silly grin on your face.  For anyone who thinks they’ve seen it all, you haven’t seen Bizarre.  

AKA:  The Secrets of Sex.

Tags: anthology, b, horror

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