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BLACK SHAMPOO (1976) *** ½

In this blaxploitation version of Shampoo, John Daniels stars as "Mr. Jonathan" a black owner of a popular hair salon, who during the opening credits makes a white woman have an orgasm while washing her hair.  When she pulls down his pants she yells "Oh Mr. Jonathan it IS bigger and better!"  For the next twenty minutes he just has sex with white women (including a rich woman in front of her two hot daughters).  Then the plot begins and the similarities to the Warren Beatty movie end.  A mobster muscles in on Mr. Jonathan's shop, ransacks it, beats up his gay hairdresser Artie (Skip E. Lowe) and kidnaps his secretary and true love Brenda (Tanya Boyd).  When Brenda comes back to Mr. Jonathan, the mobster gets revenge by shoving a curling iron up Artie's ass and runs his best friend over with his car.  Mr. Jonathan gets back at him by cutting up two of his henchmen with a chainsaw (though how you can actually sneak up on somebody with a chainsaw remains to be seen).  The mobster finally gets his comeuppance when Mr. Jonathan runs a pool cue through his stomach. There's also a pretty gory hatchet murder too.  

This is a pretty wild black action movie.  It's actually like three movies in one.  The first act is what they advertised:  A black version of Shampoo.  The second is the typical mobster moving in on the hero movie.  And the third act is a pretty crazy, bloody, and gory revenge movie.  Daniels is cool and tough, whether he's banging white women or laying the smackdown on greedy mobsters.  If only Beatty's movie had some chainsaw deaths.  

This was the first film by director Greydon Clark who went on to do such dreck as Satan's Cheerleaders, Final Justice and Dance Macabre.  Edith Wheeler (AKA:  Jacqueline Cole), who plays the chesty new receptionist was also in Clark's Angel's Revenge.  Dean Cundey was one of the directors of photography and later when on to be the cinematographer for Halloween.

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