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BLADE: TRINITY (2004) ** ½

David S. Goyer wrote the first two Blade movies.  This time in addition to writing he gets to direct.  Either he should have spent more time away from writing to hone his directing, or set aside directing to do a re-write, because this flick is a mess.  Wesley Snipes returns as Blade, but is basically reduced to a supporting role, as the flick revolves around a team of vampire hunters called The Night Stalkers, led by Jessica Biel and Ryan Reynolds.  

A group of vampires led by Parker Posey (?!?) uncover Dracula’s tomb and bring him back to life.  They frame Blade for murder and kill his best friend and weapon supplier Whistler (Kris Kristofferson).  Whistler’s daughter (Biel) and her team break Blade out of prison and he grudgingly joins up with them. It’s never clear what the vampires intend to do with Dracula, because he basically just hangs out while Posey barks out orders. (And in the film’s goofy opening, one of the vampires dressed in protective clothing, gives the sun the finger!)  

Snipes seems pretty pissed at having to share the spotlight with Reynolds and he looks like he’s about a second away from punching his lights out (the two reportedly clashed on the set).  The action scenes are workmanlike, lacking the energy and style that Stephen Norrington and Guillermo Del Toro gave to the previous entries.  Don’t expect Snipes to return to Blade anytime soon.  With WWE wrestling star Triple H as Posey’s right hand vamp and Natasha Lyonne and Patton Oswald as Night Stalkers.

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