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You know you’re in trouble when the opening credits are confusing.  First we see a dungeon cell with a pair of “scary” hands holding some prison bars.  Then the title “HORROR” splashes onto the screen, immediately followed by “The Blancheville Monster”.  I know this film is known by both titles, but I guess by SHOWING both titles, the filmmakers were just covering all the bases.  I guess the film really should be called “Horror:  The Blancheville Monster”, or hell, even “The Blancheville Horror”, since there aren’t any monsters in it.  

The plot involves a young woman returning to her remote castle home.  Since she’s a few days shy of her 21st birthday, it still gives her brother time to drive her insane and steal her inheritance.  Yep, it’s pretty much the same plot that Barbara Steele used in several of her movies, and since Barbara Steele is nowhere to be seen, that means there’s really no point to watch this.  Her bro also keeps their deformed papa in a dungeon (those were his hands in the beginning) too.  It all builds to a fairly interesting conclusion, but there are way too many dull spots to make it worth watching.  

Director Alberto DeMartino (who also did the hilariously inept, The Puma Man) apes the Roger Corman/AIP Poe movies by having a Vincent Price look alike in the leading male role and a buried alive subplot, as well as Mario Bava’s Black Sunday.  Although some of the visions and dreams are quite atmospheric, that’s not enough to recommend this tired and static Italian chiller.  Fans of Italian actresses parading around in flimsy negligees and holding candles down darkened hallways will eat it up.  

AKA:  Horror.

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