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Any fan of the 70’s New York punk scene should check this documentary out.  It was shot by Amos (The Foreigner) Poe and Ivan Kral and features The Patti Smith Group, Television, The Ramones, The Talking Heads, Blondie, the New York Dolls and The Heartbreakers (with Richard Hell and Johnny Thunders).  All of whom are at their rawest form performing live at CBGB.  The best part of the doc is the clowning candid shots of Blondie.  Sadly all the footage is silent; with music badly looped over it (the music never matches the singer’s lips), and some of the songs even repeat a couple times.  It doesn’t matter though, because if you’re a fan of any (or all) of the bands featured, you’ll want to check it out.  Not to be confused with Uli Lommel’s The Blank Generation, which also starred Hell.

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