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Renowned stripper Blaze Starr stars as herself.  She’s tired of being famous and wants to get away from it all.  She goes to a theater playing a nudie movie and decides to visit the nudist colony featured.  There she encounters naked picnicking, checkers, archery, canoeing, volleyball, chess and swimming.  She loves being a nudist so much that she neglects her celebrity duties such as attending parties, photo shoots and press functions which causes problems for her boyfriend/agent.  She drops that loser and walks off into the sunset with the camp director, Andy (Ralph Young of Sandler and Young fame).  

Blaze looks good naked, but it doesn’t help that the first half of the movie is filled with scenes of her talking on the phone fully clothed.  This is a nudist flick, and there are a lot of naked bodies on display, but I just couldn’t stop asking myself these burning questions:  A) If Blaze was going to a nudist colony, why would she have to pack her bags?  B) If Andy is a nudist, how come he is never seen without his goofy rainbow colored shorts?  C) Why would a nudist colony need a clothesline?  D) If these people are truly nudists, how come they have tan lines?  

Director Doris Wishman also directed Deadly Weapons.  Starr (from Maryland) was also the subject of the biopic, Blaze starring Paul Newman and Lolita Davidovich.  This flick has been re-released several times under different names.  

AKA:  Blaze Starr:  The Original.  AKA:  Back to Nature.  AKA:  Nature Girl.

Tags: b, exploitation

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