The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BLOOD DOLLS (1999) ** ½

After Dolls, Puppet Master, Dollman and Demonic Toys, Charles Band and Full Moon Pictures gives us yet another movie featuring tiny terrifying toys.  A crazy billionaire who wears a silver mask to hide his shrunken head gets revenge on the people who swindled him out of a billion dollars by using his killer dolls.  He uses a machine to turn people into dolls and keeps a sexy female rock band in an electrified cage as sort of his own personal jukebox.  Of the colorful cast (including a clown faced henchman and a one eyed butler), I liked the bitchy dominatrix (Debra Mayer) the best.  It drags in spots, but it’s still pretty entertaining and the Clue inspired ending is kinda neat.  (It also pads the running time.)  Co-starring Phil (Troll) Fondacaro and Nicholas (Don’t Answer the Phone) Worth.


Tags: b, horror

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