The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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ABSOLUTION (1988) **

This film sat on the shelf for ten years before finally being released in America, four years after the star Richard Burton’s death.  Burton stars as the gruff preacher/teacher at an all boy’s Catholic school.  When his prize pupil starts hanging out with a Bohemian drifter played by Billy (Head of the Class) Connolly, Burton disapproves and punishes him.  To get back at Burton, he goes into confession and tells him he’s committed murder and Burton falls for it.  However, someone actually takes it upon themselves to commit the crime for real.  The killer keeps Burton informed on his actions by telling Burton his crimes through the confessional and slowly drives Burton insane and leads him to murder.  The twist ending is alright, but until then, it’s pretty slow going and feels more like a British After School Special than a religious thriller.  There’s a pretty cool death by shovel but the insert shot of the obvious dummy head ruins the effect.  It would probably make a good Burton as a Priest in a Bad Movie double feature with Exorcist 2.  Screenwriter Anthony Shaffer also wrote The Wicker Man.  

AKA:  Murder by Confession. 


Tags: a, horror

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