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Ted V. (Astro-Zombies) Mikels directed this schlocker about a witch that performs human sacrifice which is preceded by liturgical dance.  She also holds séances where her “Indian spirit guide” possesses her and she talks in a hilarious broken Indian accent.  (“Come sit-um by my teepee!”)  She also uses voodoo dolls to kill her enemies.  In the end, “white magic” (read: negative scratches) saves the day.  

Awful dialogue (“I wish black magic to be performed.”) adds to the pain of watching this half baked witchcraft flick that has a terrible time living up to it’s name.  The chicks in loincloths brandishing spears ARE hot though.  The flashback scene of a witch being tortured and burned at the stake is surprisingly well done (no pun intended), but in another scene where a witch gets stoned by an angry mob, you can clearly see a screen door on a villager’s house.  There’s also a memorable scene in which a guy strangles his wife while cuckoo clocks sound.  Subtle Ted V. subtle.  

Co-stars Tom Pace and Leslie McRae were also in Mikels’ Girl in Gold Boots.  Mikels himself even turns up as a witch hunter.  

The ads said it was “A terrifying, screaming plunge to the depths of hell!”  They were right.  

Remember:  You can always tell a witch by her teat!   

AKA:  Female Plasma Suckers.

Tags: b, horror

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