The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

BLOOD SISTERS (1987) *** ½

This is an entertaining 80’s slasher from Roberta (Lurkers) Findlay.  In the opening scene a fat prostitute and her john are murdered with a shotgun.  13 years later a group of sorority sisters led by Amy (Robot Holocaust) Brentano take a bunch of pledges to be hazed at the supposedly haunted whorehouse where the murders took place.  They’ve rigged up a bunch of false scares to try the audience’s patience for an hour until the psycho transvestite killer shows up and starts hacking women up.  Oh, did I mention the PROSTITUTE GHOSTS too?  Gets an extra half star because EVERYBODY DIES!  Co-star John Fasano also wrote Darkness Falls.  Brentano also starred in Findlay’s Prime Evil.  Findlay also did the pretty great killer yeti flick Shriek of the Mutilated and the infamous Snuff.

Tags: b, horror
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