The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
The Video Vacuum

THE ABYSS (1989) * ½

They shoulda called it The Abyssmal.  $70 million was spent to make James Cameron’s waterlogged story of an underwater research team who find a new form of life that resemble Sea Monkeys on LSD.  All that money was spent on a boring story with irritating characters.  The film’s only asset is the great underwater photography.  Ed Harris hated filming (and Cameron) during the underwater scenes.  This was a big disappointment in the summer of 89.  Cameron spent his money more wisely next time with T2.  An hour’s worth of footage was scrapped before the release, including an expensive ending featuring more creatures and an underwater city.  Cameron later reinstated the scenes for a special video release (just as he did with Aliens and T2).

Tags: a, sci-fi
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