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The Bloody Brood falls into that favorite subgenre of the juvenile delinquent of the killer beatnik movie.  It’s not as good as say, The Rebel Set or The Beatniks, but if you ever wanted to see Peter (Columbo) Falk play a psychopathic beatnik, then here is your chance!  Falk is Nico, a beatnik who turns to murder all in the name of “kicks”.  For his grand murder scheme he makes a hapless kid eat a hamburger full of ground glass!  (Unfortunately it takes place off screen.)  When the cops are clueless to find Falk’s whereabouts, the dead kid’s older brother takes matters into his own hands and tracks down the deadly daddy-o.  He infiltrates their group and tries to get revenge.  There’s a slew of hipster dialogue, (“He’s tuned in baby!”) and Falk is pretty great (“I don’t talk my kicks!”), but unfortunately director Julian Roffman (who also did the cult 3-D movie, The Mask) can’t add much else to the proceedings.

Tags: b, horror

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