The Video Vacuum (thevideovacuum) wrote,
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THE BODYGUARD (1976) ** ½

If you ever wondered where Quentin Tarantino stole the Ezekiel 25:17 speech in Pulp Fiction from, look no further. This movie begins with the same speech, but substitutes “Chiba, The Bodyguard” instead of “The Lord”.  Sonny (The Streetfighter) Chiba stars in one of his best roles (as himself!).  After a mobster is gunned down, there’s a credit sequence where dozens of guys break boards and chant “Viva Chiba!”  Then two kung fu experts discuss who is better Bruce Lee or Sonny Chiba.  Meanwhile, Chiba is busy beating up five drug dealing hijackers on a plane (he literally punches one guy’s teeth out!) and afterwards holds a press conference where he chops a bottle of Coke in half with his bare hands!  He offers to be the bodyguard for a beautiful woman who’s wanted dead by the Mob.  He follows her to her apartment where ninjas attack them (from out of a couch!) and Chiba rips one of their arms off!  The woman ends up double crossing him and there’s a cool shootout in a garage where Chiba jumps over a car!  In the end, Chiba rips a dude’s eye out.  After the film’s manic first hour the film bogs down and becomes a thoroughly routine yakuza movie (probably due to the schizophrenic U.S. distributor’s editing).  Tarantino later put Chiba in Kill Bill.

Tags: action, b, kung fu
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