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Herb “Jason” Evers is a doctor who is experimenting on transplanting limbs using a new serum.  He and his nurse (Virginia Leith) are engaged and they drive to his lab in the hills.  There is an accident, and Evers pulls his girlfriend’s head out of the wreck.  He takes it back to his lab and keeps her alive in a pan using his serum.  She wants to die but can’t.  She bides her time playing mind games with the doc’s assistant and communicating telepathically with the mutant in the closet (a failed transplant experiment).  Meanwhile the doc goes out and looks for a hot body with a nice rack for his girl.  He goes to strip clubs to no avail.  He finally meets a saucy bikini model (Adele Lamont, who is great) with a scarred face and a great bod.  He promises to make her beautiful again, so he takes her back to the lab where he drugs her.  The mutant escapes and rips off the assistant’s arm and kills the doctor while the head laughs.  The mutant then carries the model away as the lab burns to the ground.  Really great, highly influential schlocker (think Re-Animator and Frankenhooker) that gets better with repeated viewings.  Sick, twisted, but lots of fun.  Highly recommended.  Some prints are cut so watch out.  This also appeared on Mystery Science Theater 3000.

Tags: b, horror, mst3k, sci-fi
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