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There was a lot of blaxploitation movies in the 70’s but none quite like this!  Three brothers (in both senses of the word) living in a small Southern racist town have a run in with Leroy, a member of the Ku Klux Klan at a gas station.  When one of them throws a beer can that misses the trash can and hits his car, he says, “Shit muthafucka didn’t go in!”  His language outrages the hateful honky.  “Boy don’t you know there’s a white woman in that car!”  Later, the brothers go into the army where they wear ridiculously bad camouflage and learn guerilla warfare tactics.  When they come home they find out a friend of theirs has been murdered and his girlfriend raped by Leroy.  The law doesn’t do anything, so they go beat that cracker up.  When the tolerant sheriff refuses to help Leroy and go after them, he gets the Klan member deputy to kill the sheriff and becomes sheriff.  Now that the law is on the Klan’s side, they go gunning for the three brothers.  They put on their cammo and use their guerilla tactics to battle against those hooded hate mongers.   

Klansmen get their throats cut and their hoods soaked in blood.  Crackers crawl on land mines and blow up real good.  Whitey gets put in a black mask and shot by his own men.  And in the final scene one brother goes undercover wearing a Klansman hood and murders the corrupt sheriff.  Brilliant.  

Washington Redskins’ Mike Thomas and Roy Jefferson star and are pretty convincing.  The scene where they rally everyone to vote against the town’s corruption might make you think of Walking Tall, and having Nam vets come home to wage war on corrupt officials may make you think of First Blood.  The flick holds up well to both of them.  Plus, it’s got a great theme song, “Get Off Your High Horse”.

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