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BURIAL GROUND (1980) ****

You gotta love this movie.  First of all, it's probably one of the greatest Italian zombie movies EVER!  

It also doesn't even bother with a plot, just a premise:   A bearded professor invites a group of people to his mansion, where they are attacked by zombies.  

That's it.  

It takes about 20 minutes to get going to introduce the characters (and throw in a couple sex scenes), then it's non-stop zombie carnage!  After the horribly rotten zombies shuffle onto the grounds, there's a grisly gore scene every ten minutes or so as they rip apart their prey and munch on their guts. 

If this movie was just a collection of zombie gut munching scenes, it would have been recommended, but given the fact that if features one of the ickiest mother/son relationships ever put on celluloid, it deserves special merit.  Peter Bark was actually 25 at the time the movie was shot, but his diminutive and creepy appearance allowed him to play the role of Michael (who is about 12) all too convincingly.  In one scene he has an uncomfortably sick need to profess his love for his mother’s milk in the midst of an all out zombie attack.  When she spurns him, Michael is predictably bitten and killed by a zombie.  Of course, during the desperately bleak ending when the last surviving living people try to fend off the zombie menace, Michael comes back to life to see his mother.  Mommy in an unbelievable show of belated grief and remorse, whips out her tit and foolishly lets her son suckle on her teat.  The undead Michael shows his gratitude by biting off his mom's nipple!  Amazing!  

This movie is also memorable because this batch of zombies isn’t content to merely bang on locked doors and boarded up windows.  No, when these zombies encounter an obstacle they go to the good ol' tool shed and grab pick axes, hatchets, and sickles to bust the doors down, which predates the tool using zombies of both Nightmare City and Land of the Dead.  They even use a scythe to decapitate a maid and know how to operate a skill saw!  Ingenious!  There are also zombie monks, a death by stained glass window reminiscent of Zombie, and multiple zombie head crushings.  

Director Andrea Bianchi, who knows how to totally bitch slap an audience, also did the awesomely titled Strip Nude for Your Killer.  

AKA:  The Nights of Terror.

Tags: b, horror, zombie
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