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CANNIBAL FEROX (1981) ** ½

The white man goes mucking around in the cannibal infested jungle and gets captured, tortured and eaten in this sick flick from director Umberto (Seven Blood-Stained Orchids) Lenzi.  There’s eye gouging, castration, gut munching, penis eating, piranha attacks, hand chopping and brain eating, but the most infamous scene has a woman getting hung up on hooks by her nipples.  There are also some Wild Kingdom-esque scenes of snakes eating lemurs, leopards eating monkeys and iguanas eating snakes.  All this and we get graphic scenes of real turtle and crocodile mutilation too.  

John (The Gates of Hell) Morghen is pretty great as the coked up asshole American who likes to say “twat” a lot.  (“Do you get off on ecology, twat?”)  Next to the rampant gore, his performance is the best thing about the movie.  He gets some great lines like, “Get off my case motherfucker!” too.  Regrettably there are also a lot of unnecessary scenes that take place in New York in which a cop played by Robert (Cannibal Holocaust) Kerman tracks down Morghen’s whereabouts that slows the film down to a crawl.  But for every boring scene set in the city, there’s at least one memorable Morghen quote.  (My favorite being:  “The castrated him with a machete and then they…ATE HIS GENITALS!”)  Not a bad trade off.  Despite the film’s weaknesses, cannibal fans should have no problem eating it up (no pun intended).  

The ads proudly boasted that the film was “Banned in 31 Countries!”

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