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This is one of the most disgusting and controversial movies ever made.  It’s been banned in dozens of countries all over the world and has a die hard cult following.  The story revolves around a professor (Robert Kerman) who goes to a cannibal ridden jungle to investigate the disappearance of a group of documentary filmmakers.  He brings back their footage and is appalled to see them raping and killing tribe members merely for shock value.  Of course the cannibals get fed up with the white men and turn them into their Sunday brunch.  The ending was later stolen in The Blair Witch Project.  

Scenes of real animal mutilation, rape, amputation, castration and gut munching are still as shocking as they were in 1980.  The scene where a woman is seen sitting through a large wooden spike is unforgettable.  Director Ruggero (Jungle Holocaust) Deodato is a master at in your face “Can you stomach this?” moments, but unfortunately the film would have been even more shocking (and better) if the victims were likable and sympathetic instead of assholes that deserve what they get.  It’s not the first, last or best cannibal movie out there, just the most notorious.  

Grindhouse Releasing (ran by Spider-Man cameraman Bob Murawski and Sylvester’s son, Sage Stallone) released this uncut on DVD after years of unavailability. 

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