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Basically Heathers go on a Death Wish after Spitting on Your Grave, except it’s not very good.  

A trio of idiotic jocks rapes a group of innocent schoolgirls which leads them to murdering their attackers on graduation day.  Not content on mere revenge, the threesome of murderous graduates (whom the local media have dubbed “The Scumbusters”) go out on the town and try to strike a blow for all victimized females everywhere by gunning down any piggish man they can get their hands on.  

All of this could have been interesting if director Gorman (Psychos in Love) Bechard had played it straight.  Unfortunately he tries to send up the exploitation genre and while he manages to elicit a few chuckles here and there, for the most part it’s a mixed bag.  First of all, the film has a pair of juvenile gimmicks, “The Gore Gong” and “The Hooter Honk” which will sound before scenes of violence and nudity so that “sensitive audience members” can cover their eyes.  In better hands, these gimmicks could have been executed with hilarious results, especially if the film relied heavily on T & A and outrageous gore.  Sadly, we don’t get to see many tits and the gore isn’t really anything that you couldn’t find on your average episode of T.J. Hooker.  Secondly, you have to be a brilliant satirist to make rape seem funny, which Bechard is not.  While some will no doubt appreciate the film for it’s feminist slant and attempts at Troma-style humor, it’s way too gutless (both in terms of gore and Bechard’s lack of balls) to be fully rewarding.  Despite the title, the girls actually graduate fairly early on in the movie.  

AKA:  Hack ‘Em High.  AKA:  Scumbusters.

Tags: c, comedy, horror
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