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Of the many Bruce Lee imitators of the 70’s and 80’s, Bruce Le was the best.  He starred, directed, co-produced, co-wrote and was the fight choreographer for this fun chopsocky flick.  

The first twenty minutes of the movie get you pumped up to believe that you’re about to experience the greatest movie of all time.  Not only do we get to see co-star Richard (Diamond Ninja Force) Harrison play tennis with some topless chicks in slow motion but we also get to see Le participate in a bullfight.  And I don’t mean like no matador either, I mean a BULL FIGHT.  As in he actually kung fus and karate chops a charging bull!  There’s even an x-ray shot of the bull’s skull cracking (a la The Streetfighter) when Bruce delivers the final blow!  Incredible!  

Unfortunately after you pick your jaw up off the floor from that scene, it settles down into a thoroughly routine (and somewhat boring) kung fu flick.  Bruce still kicks the shit out of a lot of people real good though, and there’s plenty of nudity, but there’s nothing else in the movie that comes close to topping the immortal scene where Le turns that angry steer into 100% pure ready-for-market Angus Beef.  

The plot (if you care) involves Le and Harrison trying to get they’re hands on some secret formula for the US government.  Okay so the rest of the movie may be just a bunch of competently staged kung fu scenes (save for a pretty cool scene where Le gets ran over by a motorcycle and lives) held together by a thin espionage plot, but ultimately any movie in which a man goes toe to toe mano y toro with a bull deserves *** at the barest minimum.  The original Bruce Lee may be the king of kung fu, but did he ever single handedly send a charging bull straight to that Big Mac factory in the sky?  I didn’t think so.  

Fun fact:  Did you know that co-star Richard Harrison turned down the role of the Man with No Name in a Fistful of Dollars?

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