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Eli and Joshua, two killer corncob kiddie refugees from the devil worshipping cult in Gatlin Nebraska come to Chicago where they move in with foster parents.  They don’t seem to notice that Eli’s a little wacky (praising “He Who Walks Behind the Rows” during grace is a dead giveaway) and it doesn’t take long before he’s planting corn in an abandoned warehouse (“BLESS MY HARVEST!”) and welcoming the return of the demon groundhog devil-god.  Meanwhile Joshua is more adept at blending into to his new surroundings and does more “urban” things like play basketball, shop at K-Mart, and make time with a hot black girl.  Meanwhile Eli is up to no good, putting cockroaches in the school lunch (clearly a statement about the public school’s lunch program), putting fire down the throats of social workers and making their face burn off and converting his gangsta classmates into becoming a new crop (pun intended) of children of the corn.  

In the end Joshua turns on Eli and tries to stop him so Eli lobs some oversized flaming toasted marshmallows at him.  Joshua kills Eli which brings out the He Who Walks Behind the Rows (He looks like a cross between a giant skinned vulture and a piece of shit.) which starts slaughtering kiddies left and right.   This leads up to a decent climax when it eats Joshua’s gal, (hilariously bad sub-Godzilla 1985 effects are used) and he heroically cuts it’s gizzard open and pulls her out covered in He-bile.  

Some of the kills are creative (mommy getting a water main through the back of the head making her mouth spew out water then blood, a head being ripped off by cornstalks, guy getting cut in half by windowpane, etc.) but others are downright silly.  There’s also an unnecessary preacher character who dreams about scenes from Part 1 and 2 and a subplot about shipping out Eli’s corn worldwide (it makes people’s heads explode open and spew forth roaches) that goes nowhere.  Putting the film in an urban setting is a novel touch although director James Hickox (director of the greatest killer mutant crocodile movie of the new millennium, Blood Surf) doesn’t really use the setting to its fullest potential.  (Probably due to it’s miniscule budget.)  

Look fast for Charlize Theron making her film debut as one of the children and a cameo by Johnny Legend.  Supposedly this was the only COTC flick that Stephen King actually liked.  Hickox is the brother of Waxwork director Anthony Hickox and son of Douglas Hickox who directed Theater of Blood.  

Best line:  “Harvest this, motherfucker!”

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