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A washed up stock car racer named Larry (Peter Fonda) and his loyal mechanic (Adam Roarke) get kicked out of Nascar and resort to robbing a grocery store to ensure their retirement.  Their clean getaway is hampered by the appearance of Mary (Susan George), Larry’s one night stand, who stows away in their getaway car and tags along for the impending statewide police pursuit led by the grizzled Detective Franklin (Vic Morrow). 


Directed by John (The Howling 4:  The Original Nightmare) Hough, this slick and entertaining good ol’ boy car chase flick is worth a look for the excellent performance by Fonda and of course the spectacular car stunts.  Fonda drives his Dodge Charger over a bridge, in between two Semis and in the end, headlong into a speeding train, but the best stunt is when the Charger and a police helicopter play cat and mouse with each other. 


Even though Fonda and company make one too many pit stops along the way, whenever Fonda is putting the pedal to the metal, Dirty Mary Crazy Larry is still a lot of fun.  Fonda is always a treat to watch when playing an establishment hating outlaw and Morrow gives a terrific performance as his wily pursuer.  The colorful supporting cast which includes Kenneth (The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms) Tobey and an uncredited Roddy (Planet of the Apes) McDowall also adds to the fun.    


Fonda gets all the movie’s best lines like “If you try another stunt like that I’m going to braid your tits!” and “Every bone in her crotch, that’s what I’m going to break!”

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