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Six sequels and they still haven’t got it right.  

The only “Revelation” here is that the filmmakers starting using CGI cornstalks.  Between this series and the awful Hellraiser sequels, Dimension Studios have pretty much cornered the market when it comes to awful direct to video sequels.  

A chick named Jamie (Claudette Mink) comes to a decrepit apartment building (located conveniently next to a cornfield) to find her missing grandmother.  Meanwhile two pasty faced youngin’s who look like they shop at the Amish Gap stand around and look stoned out of their gourd on Ritalin ala Haley Joel Osmet in The Sixth Sense.  The other tenants of the building include a stoner, a paranoid gun nut, a paraplegic and a hot stripper.  The kids start offing the tenants one by one (the best death is when the stripper gets attacked by killer cornstalks in her bubble bath) before coming after Jamie.  

It doesn’t have much to do with the other COTC movies (He Who Walks Behind the Rows is only mentioned in passing) and the kids are more like ghosts than the actual killer kiddies we’ve come to know and love.  Starship Troopers' Michael Ironside co-stars as a priest with a fucked up face.  Directed without a shred of style by Guy (Stepfather 3) Magar.

Tags: c, children of the corn series, horror, sequel, stephen king
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