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Detective Robert Malone (Fred Williamson) returns for another go round in this third installment in the Black Cobra franchise.  Whereas the first film was a blaxploitation version of Cobra and the second was a carbon copy of Lethal Weapon, Part 3 plays like a cheap-o retread of Commando as there are several Pilipino extras who get gunned down while patrolling impeccably landscaped grottos. 


The plot has Malone teaming up with two Interpol agents (Forry Smith and Debra Ward) in Manila to take down a British tycoon who is hoarding a bunch of illegal weapons.  Malone has it pretty easy in this outing as he basically lets his partners do most of the dirty work, but he still can blow people away with a shotgun while chomping on a cigar like it’s nobody’s business. 


Williamson once again cruises on his considerable charisma, but unfortunately the screenplay doesn’t give him much to work with.  He doesn’t get any trash talking dialogue and his repartee with the ladies is limited to a conversation with an exotic dancer.  Luckily, he gets involved in violent shootouts every seven minutes or so, so you probably won’t care too much. 


The Black Cobra series was never anything to write home about anyway, but fans of Williamson will find this to be an agreeable way to kill 90 minutes.  Williamson returned later in the year with the fourth and final installment of the series, the somberly titled Detective Malone. 

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